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Oh goodness, I have only just realised it has been almost a whole year since I posted to this journal...I still check it quite often because I follow various journals, by I've definitely fallen along the wayside when it comes to posting about my own least here anyway, I still update reasonably regularly on Deviantart, and have also recently started posting journals on Lang-8 (However those are in Japanese^^;(bad Japanese, I might add))

That's not to say my life is boring, quite the opposite! Just to bring this journal somewhat up to date, I have been living in Japan, in Kochi Prefecture, since August last year. I teach English at various elementary and junior high schools(and sometimes visit kindergartens as well). I live soooo far out in the country, but so far, I've gotten to do and see some pretty amazing things~

I know I should try and post more,'m always so busy!

Neglected Journal is neglected...but I have news thats too exciting~

After a incredibly lengthy application process and much angst ridden waiting, I finally found out the results of my JET programme application!

I'm in! I'll be going to Japan 27th July!

I was really ambivalent about how my interview went...I was really nervous and thought I said some really dumb things, although I did have some good things to say about previous experience working with students etc etc. Also I have a Masters TESOL teaching qualification through a well respected university, it probably helped.

I only got the acceptance letter today, so I don't know where I'll be placed but still, I'm super excited =D. I'm going to start another blog, probably mostly for the benefit of my family, but once I've started that I'll post a link here too =)

Ai no Kusabi rant and review

Ai no Kusabi is one of those 'seminal' yaoi works, that everyone seems to know.I (after a very long time) have finally gotten around to reading the Ai No Kusabi novels...I've just read the 6th one, and I have to conclude, it's a very interesting story, with a very intriguing(though probably somewhat contrived) setting, told in probably the worst way possible.

Yoshihara really doesn't seem to get the 'show not tell' rule...not at all. I'd watched the OVA(both new and old) and liked it, and was hoping that by reading the novels, I'd finally understand the story a bit better...but no...really, the writing style is just driving me bonkers. 80% seems to be purely explanation of a situation, or the setting, rather than stuff actually happening. Reading the descriptions of the cities and people was interesting the first time around, but by the 6th book it was just getting tedious and I just wanted stuff to actually happen! Because it's actually pretty good when there is action and the story is moving forward, rather than being mired in very purple prose. The author also stops to relate incidents that are totally irrelevant to the story, except for perhaps more world building that is unnecessarily detailed and/or repetitive- I got it the first time around, now can stuff happen? I could be being over critical here, as I draw stories rather than write them, so the approach to exposition is different, but still, I was really starting to lose my patience. It does get better as you progress through the novels. I have Volume 7 still to read, and volume 8 comes out later this year, and I am looking forward to finally being able to read the conclusion, despite the writing.

I'm reading the English translation by DMP, and while I think the translation is probably fine, the editing was not, and there are some really obvious grammar mistakes, typos and repeated sentences. I'm pretty sure that's not just me being an anal English teacher, but it seriously needs proofreading.

Having said that, once I've managed to sort out the plot from the quagmire of explanation, it is the type of story that does grab me. Sci-fi, dystopian setting, exploration of boundaries of social expectations, and gratuitous porn(though this does suffer from longwindedness, and reads like trashy romance novels), it has all the stuff I like. Admittedly,(and believe it or not) I'm not particularly fond of reading and writing porn, when it's in prose form.(Visual is a whole different story though, as even just a casual glance at my tumblr would reveal =p, apparently this means I have a man brain, according to my old housemate)

I find Iason the most interesting character, and the conflict of human feeling against the controlled machine logic of his creation and surroundings, and even though he's at the top of the hierarchy, the social boundaries he's going against. As you can possibly guess, Ai no Kusabi(in general) has probably influenced my own work more than I admit. I like sci-fi and dystopian fiction and I like BL, and it's not often you find these settings in the BL genre.

Reading the afterwords at the ends of the novel, seems the edition I'm reading was from an expanded version. I'm thinking Ai no Kusabi really didn't need that extra padding.

Hmmm, so nothing has really changed since November...

Thought I should probably get on here and say happy new year and all that...I'm just slightly late^^;

Haha since I last posted, pretty much the same things are going on...Moving back into my parents house wasn't as bad as I exprected it to be, but sometimes it is overwhelming suddenly being surrouned by so many people after living with one person(and one very quiet person at that). And also the weather! There's pretty much been at least one day of the week where I'm useless because it's been so hot.Like almost 40 degrees hot. And its not even February yet, so Feb's probably going to be even worse ;_;.

I'm being pretty lazy this summer, I've come to the realisation this is probably the last summer I can just do whatever I feel like doing and not have to worry too much about work and that. But I finish uni in 6 months, and one way or another will be going to Japan and starting a new job, so guess it's time to move along and actually start being slightly more adultlike? I have an interview for the JET programme in February, I'm so nervous! But at least I've gotten that far, I stressed so much over the application!

I keep telling myself to post here more often, but then I just forget or get caught up in whatever else I'm doing. At any rate, I'm more active(if even only slightly) on Tumblr and Twitter, but most of the action is on my Deviantart account

Not the end after all!

After my last post about being sad that No.6 was finished, I find out, no, it's really not! =D

Hehe, things are pretty good at the moment...mostly because uni is over for the year. The past 3 weeks had just been assignment after assignment, so it was great just to do very little this week, apart from draw and go to work. One more semester next year, and I will be done! I'm also in the process of moving back to my parents house, which is less fun, but not for bad reasons,more for the fact I'm being cheap and trying to save and only planning to be in Aus for another 7 months anyway before going overseas and finally putting my education to good use...6 years of university later...><

I also submitted an application for the JET programme, and probably put more effort into that than many of my assignments, so wish me luck! One way or another I plan to going to Japan next year to teach, so it would be perfect if I got accepted ;_;

Monday mornings just won't be the same now...

What I'm I going to look forward to on Monday mornings now? I don't have No.6 updates to read any more ;_;, since all of the novels has been translated now. I've just read that last chapter and epilogue.

Is it just me though, or did the last volume seem incredibly rushed? (The story itself, not the translation)...and rather different to the anime ending...I've got to admit, I had been kind of looking forward to reading the scene where Shion got shot and Nezumi sang that song for him(but that was my favourite scene in the anime...) but it wasn't in the novel. Hmmm I think I( have to think about the ending a bit more, or reread the last novel all in one, but the ending was a little anticlimactic for me...

Either way I'm sad it's over...

I'll go make myself feel better by drawing some fanart or something =p
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I should probably be ashamed, but I'm not really

"Hey Shaz I bought your homoerotic book!"

This is how my (male) classmate greeted me today in class. Loudly. In the middle of a class party. Ahh my life, XD Not that I'm complaining, he was giving me yaoi manga that one of his former housemates had left behind.

The rest of the class mostly consisted of drinking and eating, and the lecturer encouraging us to drink more...all before lunchtime.

...yes, these are your future high school teachers...
i procrastinate

Aahahahaha even my spam thinks I'm boring!

Got a spam comment with this as the subject line

"Subject: I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts"...then about a bazillion links too sites for "canada goose jaacket"...whatever that is...@_@.and yes, jacket was mispelled

It's probably true the moment I'm sitting in the floor rewatching episodes of no.6 while trying to write an assay about refugee literacy. It's nearly the end of semester and I have assignments, assignments and more assignments(and applications)!

Though they're not all boring, one of them is an art project =) I've also been managing to keep up with my weekly page updates of Deviantart, but only just^^;
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