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I can't decide, I think they're all yummy ;_;

For my uni course, in order to get my Master's component, I have 3 choices of what to do next year....I attended the information session, and now I can't decide what to do...option 1 is an induction program, but you have to be also employed in a full year teaching contract. As I'm planning to teach in Japan next August, it doesn't suit. Option 2 is research, though I was told, the research option is designed to be a pathway into PHD study, and if you already have an honours degree(which I do) then you already have the prerequisites for PHD study so it's kind of pointless to do research.

So really, I'm left at option 3, which is a semester of professional development coursework, in which you can basically choose any 4 Education electives...but you can also do these as on overseas exchange program, so initially I thought maybe I'll defer(I'll still have the teaching grad dip. qualification) and complete the Master's in a couple of years at an overseas university,(either in another English speaking country, probably England since I am eligible for British citizenship anyway, it would be easy, and also easy to find work, because apparently the Brits love Australian teachers, or work on my Japanese language to get it up to an academic level..haha I'd better read more that just BL novels if I want that to happen lol), but now having read through the available subjects and finding some interesting and useful TESOL subjects, now maybe I'm thinking I won't defer and then when I leave for Japan next year, I'll have a Master's of teaching with an extensive TESOL knowledge, on top of the experience I've already had with ESL teaching placement and the basic TESOL learning area subject I'm doing now, so surely I wouldn't have much difficulty finding a ESL teaching job in Japan.

Though if I defer, it would mean I have more time for drawing, and working on those projects...and then there's the question of whether I will keep my job at the library, or do relief teaching, or a combination of both, since my library job is only part time anyway...

crossposted from DA, sorry^^;;;;
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