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Aahahahaha even my spam thinks I'm boring!

Got a spam comment with this as the subject line

"Subject: I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts"...then about a bazillion links too sites for "canada goose jaacket"...whatever that is...@_@.and yes, jacket was mispelled

It's probably true the moment I'm sitting in the floor rewatching episodes of no.6 while trying to write an assay about refugee literacy. It's nearly the end of semester and I have assignments, assignments and more assignments(and applications)!

Though they're not all boring, one of them is an art project =) I've also been managing to keep up with my weekly page updates of Deviantart, but only just^^;


That is an A2 size piece of paper though, I've still got a considerable amount left to do!
Tags: assignments go omnomnomnom, drawing, the point is copic markers are cool, uni
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