Sha~ (yoru_yume) wrote,

Not the end after all!

After my last post about being sad that No.6 was finished, I find out, no, it's really not! =D

Hehe, things are pretty good at the moment...mostly because uni is over for the year. The past 3 weeks had just been assignment after assignment, so it was great just to do very little this week, apart from draw and go to work. One more semester next year, and I will be done! I'm also in the process of moving back to my parents house, which is less fun, but not for bad reasons,more for the fact I'm being cheap and trying to save and only planning to be in Aus for another 7 months anyway before going overseas and finally putting my education to good use...6 years of university later...><

I also submitted an application for the JET programme, and probably put more effort into that than many of my assignments, so wish me luck! One way or another I plan to going to Japan next year to teach, so it would be perfect if I got accepted ;_;
Tags: holiday tiem~!, no.6, real life-i has one sometimes, uni
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