Sha~ (yoru_yume) wrote,

Hmmm, so nothing has really changed since November...

Thought I should probably get on here and say happy new year and all that...I'm just slightly late^^;

Haha since I last posted, pretty much the same things are going on...Moving back into my parents house wasn't as bad as I exprected it to be, but sometimes it is overwhelming suddenly being surrouned by so many people after living with one person(and one very quiet person at that). And also the weather! There's pretty much been at least one day of the week where I'm useless because it's been so hot.Like almost 40 degrees hot. And its not even February yet, so Feb's probably going to be even worse ;_;.

I'm being pretty lazy this summer, I've come to the realisation this is probably the last summer I can just do whatever I feel like doing and not have to worry too much about work and that. But I finish uni in 6 months, and one way or another will be going to Japan and starting a new job, so guess it's time to move along and actually start being slightly more adultlike? I have an interview for the JET programme in February, I'm so nervous! But at least I've gotten that far, I stressed so much over the application!

I keep telling myself to post here more often, but then I just forget or get caught up in whatever else I'm doing. At any rate, I'm more active(if even only slightly) on Tumblr and Twitter, but most of the action is on my Deviantart account
Tags: catch up...
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