Sha~ (yoru_yume) wrote,

Neglected Journal is neglected...but I have news thats too exciting~

After a incredibly lengthy application process and much angst ridden waiting, I finally found out the results of my JET programme application!

I'm in! I'll be going to Japan 27th July!

I was really ambivalent about how my interview went...I was really nervous and thought I said some really dumb things, although I did have some good things to say about previous experience working with students etc etc. Also I have a Masters TESOL teaching qualification through a well respected university, it probably helped.

I only got the acceptance letter today, so I don't know where I'll be placed but still, I'm super excited =D. I'm going to start another blog, probably mostly for the benefit of my family, but once I've started that I'll post a link here too =)
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