Sha~ (yoru_yume) wrote,

Oh goodness, I have only just realised it has been almost a whole year since I posted to this journal...I still check it quite often because I follow various journals, by I've definitely fallen along the wayside when it comes to posting about my own least here anyway, I still update reasonably regularly on Deviantart, and have also recently started posting journals on Lang-8 (However those are in Japanese^^;(bad Japanese, I might add))

That's not to say my life is boring, quite the opposite! Just to bring this journal somewhat up to date, I have been living in Japan, in Kochi Prefecture, since August last year. I teach English at various elementary and junior high schools(and sometimes visit kindergartens as well). I live soooo far out in the country, but so far, I've gotten to do and see some pretty amazing things~

I know I should try and post more,'m always so busy!
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