For the first time, I'm actually glad I voted for this woman...

In Australia, voting is compulsory, and in the last election I really felt that I was choosing between the lesser of two evils, so I mostly choose my vote so that it would count against Tony Abbott as much as possible, because I really cannot stand that man.

I watched this last night, and for the first time was actually glad I voted for Gillard! She needs to be more like this more often. I would actually follow politics more!

My understanding is that apart from calling Tony Abbot out on his bullshit and hypocrisy, she wasn't defending Peter Slipper(who she acknowledged was very much in the wrong) as much as she was trying to maintain the separation of powers between the government and the courts of law. The odd thing is, the Australian media seems to have forgotten this and is now slamming Gillard as a hypocrite for defending Slipper, and missing the point, while around the rest of the world, everyone thinks this speech was brilliant.

Good Morning!

Haha that's about all I have to say...I'm sitting in class, timewasting because I've finished my work, but still need to get my name marked off the roll so I can gooooooooooo. I hare Monday mornings, but at least this is the second last class...

How is everyone? Lol I know I've been very slack in updating this journal, lately I feel like I barely have time to think, I have several assignments, I've been trying to keep up with producing weekly pages for a comic, I'll be moving again soon, and starting to look into teaching gigs in Japan for next year. I'm in the process of applying for the Jet Programme,but just looking at the forms is making me nervous. I don't know whether it;'s the extensive paperwork, the fact it's extremely compertative or that long distant 'I'm going to live in Japan for awhile when I finish uni" is not so long distant anymore. I've at least gotten my references sorted out, but I still need to write this statement of purpose essay or whatever it is. At least I'm not alone, one of my friends is applying too so we can help each other out.

On the weekend, I went to a concert in which they played the first Lord of the rings movie, and had the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and two choirs doing a live scoring of the movie, it was absolutly amazing! All in all there were about 300 performers, I'm really at a loss for words to describe the atmosphere of it...I mean, the LOTR score is very good anyway, but hearing it all live while you're watching the movie...

And, next year, they're going to be doing the same thing with Pirates of the Caribbean, the other 2 LOTR movies and Fantasia. I'm pretty sad though, I won't be in the country for Return of the King and Fantasia(which was one of my favourite movies when I was growing up ;_;), but I'm definately seeing Pirates and the Two Towers!!!

I can't decide, I think they're all yummy ;_;

For my uni course, in order to get my Master's component, I have 3 choices of what to do next year....I attended the information session, and now I can't decide what to do...option 1 is an induction program, but you have to be also employed in a full year teaching contract. As I'm planning to teach in Japan next August, it doesn't suit. Option 2 is research, though I was told, the research option is designed to be a pathway into PHD study, and if you already have an honours degree(which I do) then you already have the prerequisites for PHD study so it's kind of pointless to do research.

So really, I'm left at option 3, which is a semester of professional development coursework, in which you can basically choose any 4 Education electives...but you can also do these as on overseas exchange program, so initially I thought maybe I'll defer(I'll still have the teaching grad dip. qualification) and complete the Master's in a couple of years at an overseas university,(either in another English speaking country, probably England since I am eligible for British citizenship anyway, it would be easy, and also easy to find work, because apparently the Brits love Australian teachers, or work on my Japanese language to get it up to an academic level..haha I'd better read more that just BL novels if I want that to happen lol), but now having read through the available subjects and finding some interesting and useful TESOL subjects, now maybe I'm thinking I won't defer and then when I leave for Japan next year, I'll have a Master's of teaching with an extensive TESOL knowledge, on top of the experience I've already had with ESL teaching placement and the basic TESOL learning area subject I'm doing now, so surely I wouldn't have much difficulty finding a ESL teaching job in Japan.

Though if I defer, it would mean I have more time for drawing, and working on those projects...and then there's the question of whether I will keep my job at the library, or do relief teaching, or a combination of both, since my library job is only part time anyway...

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Happy Monday morning -_-

Bleh, I've finished my teaching rounds, now I'm back at uni at the delightful time of 9am Monday morning. The teaching placemnt was amazing, I enjoyed every day of it, even though there were things that were challenging as well. Although, it was partially that particular school that made it special, and it will be different in other schools. Even so, I'm looking forward to actually being paid to job like that.

Teaching overseas will be a different exerience as well, I'm sure...

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I have found yet another place to spam the internets =p!7398

It looks like a prettier version of Deviantart...gotta try these things.

Had Manifest(Nelbourne Anime festival) on the weekend, which was fun, but I've pretty much covered that in my last DA journal, so if you're dying to know what I've been up to, go reads it there. I've also started a 3 week teaching placement on's only Tuesday and I'm already tired lol. I enjoy it mostly, but it's hard work too. I only have to teach one lesson tomorrow, but it's the first period of the day >_
i procrastinate

In top procrastination form

Needed to finished my ICT assignment...Procrastinated for an hour, finished the assignment off in 5 minutes...and mostly only read the abstracts and tables of contents for the references I used ^^;. The assignment criteria has the stupidest rubric for references I've ever seen though.
"Uses exhaustive references"

How many references counts as "exhaustive" when it's only a 750 word assignment anyway? Also, 750 words in which the main text is describing and analysing a classroom activity you did using computers. This subject is stupid, and why I really dislike Monday mornings lol

Bad Shannon is going to go and draw some more now, and procrastinate some more=p

On another note, I watched Arriety on the weekend. It was adorable, without being diabetes inducing, and the music was fantastic. I was surprised though, it's by a different composer that the one who normally does the music for Ghibli movies. I'm trying to learn "Arriety's song" on piano now

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Pretty sure my car is trolling me...this morning when I went to get in the car and drive to work, it wouldn't start and I nearly flattened the battery trying...ok so yes my car is very old(1983!) and it has been a very cold winter, and I have had similar trouble a couple of weeks ago. Luckily for me my housemate offered me use of her car and I got to work mostly on time. Else I would of been relying on the vagaries of outer suburban public transport on a weekend. I might have gotten to work by lunchtime...

When I got home I thought I'd just try and start my car to see what would happen, and it started perfectly the first time I's like it got jealous I used another car and decided to cooperate . haha yes this is a stupid post to kill time while I wait for the stupid thing to warm up so I can go for an aimless drive to make sure the battery gets charged. My driveway has wifi. My wifi network is called yaoi funhouse. It was my housemate's idea, really!

this lj has officially gone to rubbish XD since lately it looks like the only time I post is when I'm in a bad mood on Monday morning...I cant wait for uni to be over, just a semester and a half to gooooooooo.

Hmmm I really should change my user name too, I've pretty much changed it everywhere else

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Thinking on Monday mornings is a dangerous thing.

This seems like a der obvious statement, but this quote from one of my readings for class this morning has actually really intrigued me, and had me thinking.

"thinking is a necessary condition for learning"

Since society, these days, as a whole tends not to think about anything meaningful, is it really any wonder that people aren't learning, and that "the educational system is failing us rah rah rah etc etc". but then, trying to make students think should be the role of the teacher, shouldn't it?

I'm sorry, it's Monday morning, I think I'll go back to sleeping in class now. Do I really want to think on Monday morning?